I. meet meet 1 [miːt] verb met PTandPP [met] [intransitive, transitive]
1. to get together with another person to discuss something:

• The directors met again yesterday evening to discuss the crisis.

• The committee meets once a month.

• She spends a lot of time travelling to meet clients.

meet with

• Bank officials will meet with company representatives later this week.

2. meet a debt/​cost/​payment/​expense to pay a debt or payment:

• The firm is having trouble meeting its debt payments.

3. meet a target/​expectation/​projection/​standard to achieve a level that has been set or expected:

• The car has failed to meet company sales targets.

• The company has not met its growth projections.

4. meet a demand to produce enough goods to satisfy the demand for them:

• The company is operating both its plants at 100% capacity to meet the increased demand.

5. meet a deadline to finish something at or before the time it was meant to be finished:

• The firm failed to meet the 31 March deadline for submitting the report.

6. meet a requirement/​condition/​obligation to succeed in doing something that you have to do:

• Although it has failed to meet certain financial requirements, the company believes it can meet the conditions in the future.

7. meet somebody halfway to agree to some of the things that someone is demanding in an effort to reach an agreement with them:

• The company has offered to meet the unions halfway in their pay demands.

  [m0] II. meet meet 2 noun [countable usually singular] informal
a meeting:

• Let's see if we can fix up a meet sometime next week.

* * *

meet UK /miːt/ verb (met //, met /met/)
[I or T] to arrange to see a person or group of people in order to speak with them about something: »

Team members arranged to meet at designated locations in their respective cities.


Committees meet regularly with planning groups.


Italy's lawmakers are meeting today to discuss the proposed new legislation.

meet sb »

Senior government officials attended a gathering in Dubai in September to meet international oil executives.

meet at sth »

Delegates will meet at the Imperial Hotel next Wednesday at 10.30.

meet in Washington/Dubai/Shanghai, etc. »

European Union leaders are meeting in Nice to decide on various reforms.

meet with sb »

Trust directors have already met with staff to review records and discuss future performance targets.

[T] to achieve the result or level that had been expected: »

We are on track to meet earnings forecasts.


Due to strong growth in the homes division, the company met its home completion target of 8,000 for the year.

meet a target/expectation/goal »

Profits this year will not meet expectations because of a slowdown in the worldwide economic recovery.

[T] to satisfy a demand or need: »

The mortgages they offer meet customer needs for flexibility.

meet a demand/need for sth »

To meet the demand for its services, the university is building a new campus.

meet the needs of sb/sth »

Many new jobs are service jobs to meet the daily needs of all the people moving to the region.

[T] to do something that you must do because of a law or rule: meet a condition/requirement/obligation »

The Government has threatened to seize the assets of companies that do not meet their obligations to pensioners.

be met by sb/sth »

Certain criteria must be met by applicants before they can enrol on the program.

[T] to have enough money to pay for something, or to pay amounts you owe: meet costs/payments/expenses »

Meeting mortgage payments is becoming increasingly difficult for more and more people.


be met by sb/sth

[T] to have the money or resources you need in order to do something, especially something that you have not done before: meet a challenge/opportunity »

We need a different set of strategies to help us meet the challenges of the new marketplace.

meet a deadline — Cf. meet a deadline
meet (sb) halfway — Cf. meet sb halfway

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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